Slow loading time of Access Wep App & Queries RRS feed

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  • I have a complicated access web app. I have more than 30 tables and 100+ queries and subqueries with many fields and joins. Not very many indexes set on tables though. NOT many rows in any table. Max 1000 in one. The fist view to load when app start is very simple! All hosted online.

    Loading the app is VERY slow. Viewing the query results in Access is VERY slow.

    To test I got a have a PopUpMessage in OnStart macro in my app. It takes over 15 seconds to trig this on start Macro in both Chrome and Edge. "Loading" text shown forever...

    At the same time (to compare) I created a "simple" access web app from a template and put it on same subsite on our online Sharepoint. This simple app loads in max 2 seconds. 10 times faster. Meaning PopUpMessage in OnStart in this macro trigs 10 times faster!

    Does anyone have experince in what can cause the slow loading time as more tables, views and queries are added? Is every table and every query added to the app such affecting factor to slow down the initial loading of the app in browser. 10 times slower than a "simpler" app is pretty extreme? Or is something corrupted on the server? Defragmentation in indexes? No clue how to log the server on Azure as not possible with SSMS.

    Worth adding:
    I get a feeling this started to happen at some point when I added some table with around 500 records and 10 queries loading on it.
    When viewing Queries result in Access client, it takes very long time to see result data for all queries too. It started be slow at same time as loading time got bad. Note! Strange is that same query selected from SSMS return data much faster.

    Tried with Office 365 support but really hard to get som help as this seems to be pretty complicated question? Maybe anyone here had the same issue as their app grow bigger? Can som rebuild of indexes or resetting on the server might help? how to do it then?

    Monday, March 21, 2016 5:51 AM