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  • Hi all
    I m using reportviewer
    1.I ve a table  in it,it has 3 groups
     b.Patient name(toggle)
    when we click on phy(+) we can see patient name
    when we click on patient name(+) we get the details

    these are the fields
    2.pat name

    all these fields have been dragged from dataset
    now on total column when i write the expression as =sum(Fields!TotalAmountPaid.Value)

    When i run everything works fine except total . in total column it shows  error
    I need to calculate sum of total amt that shd b given to each phy.How can i achieve this ????

    My code which i used is below
      IList<DataObject.Report> SummaryInfo = controller.GetDailyReportSummary(fromdate,todate);
                            for (int i = 0; i < SummaryInfo.Count; i++)
                                this.dailyReportDataSet.Summary.Rows.Add(new object[] { SummaryInfo[i].RefPhysician, SummaryInfo[i].PatientName, SummaryInfo[i].InvoiceId, SummaryInfo[i].Date.ToShortDateString(), SummaryInfo[i].TotalAmountPaid, SummaryInfo[i].FromDate.ToShortDateString(), SummaryInfo[i].ToDate.ToShortDateString() });

                            reportBindingSource.DataSource = this.dailyReportDataSet.Summary;

    Meghana Lohit
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  • yipee i solved it all i had to do is change the binding souce from reportbinding source to summarybinding source
    Meghana Lohit
    Wednesday, May 13, 2009 11:45 AM