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  • Hi,

    I would like to expand on the Home inventory database  that comes with Access 2016.  I also want to use the database not only keeping track of what was purchased and when but also if there was a repair or maintenance involved.  If I look at something like the furnace, it will require more fields that inventory item such as TV. But the TV or the blender still could have maintenance field.

    Would I put all the home inventory items into 1 database , or would I use different categorize tables?

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016 5:37 PM


  • Hi rsernowski,

    There is only one table by default in Home Inventory Database. i.e Assets.

    and here you want to store the details of maintenance of product and also as you had mentioned that you had many kinds of products available.

    so here I suggest you to make a new table named "product maintenance".

    if you open the "Assets" table then you will find the field "Category". so it will solve your issue. you have to divide all the products in certain categories. like "Kitchen Appliances", "Electrical Appliances" etc.

    I had mentioned the pic of that field below. if you click on that field drop down will open. in which you can see the categories.

    These are by default categories. you can also customize it as per your requirement. to customize it open the table in "Design View".

    then select the "Categories" field.

    then in the "properties" you will see 2 tabs. then select "lookup" tab. in that you will find "Row Source" in which you can find the list of options. you can edit that.

    now after editing the "categories". lets talk about "product maintenance" table.

    in this table you can create a "product _id" field and you will find that it is also available in "Assets" table.

    so make primarykey and foreign key relationship between these tables.

    and add the fields as per your requirement.

    this is how you can try to manage the data about maintenance.



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    Wednesday, July 20, 2016 9:34 AM