Windows Embedded HandHeld - 6.5 OS, Hopper Test - Fails in Cpgrog.exe, consistently struck in CCEAudioRenderer::WaveCallback() RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We have done hopper test several times on several devices using focus app (focus app for cprog.exe).

    We are getting following errors from hopper log:-

    1. Start menu dead, not responding!

    2. UI Unresponsiveness caused by CPU starvation!

    However, when we start analyse by using KITL and debug messages, we can found the following stack in all the cases.

    WMCORE!CCEAudioRenderer::WaveCallback(unsigned long 0x00000000)  line 852
    COREDLL!WaveCallbackProxyThread()  line 902 + 36 bytes
    COREDLL!ThreadBaseFunc()  line 634

    Exception type    : Access Violation
    Exception code    : 0xc0000005
    Exception address : 0x02448764
    Return address    : 0x00000000
    PC                : 0x00000000
    Current thread    : 0x961f1400  WaveCallbackProxyThread
    Current process   : cprog.exe
    Owner process     : cprog.exe
    Previous process  : (null)

    Data Abort Exception occurred in WMCORE.dll module in Cpgrog.exe Application

    Data Abort: Thread=96119d28 Proc=8043d1f0 'cprog.exe'
    AKY=00000021 PC=0244876c(wmcore.dll+0x0005e76c) RA=e92d4ff0(???+0xe92d4ff0) BVA=e92d5000 FSR=00000005

    This is the analysis and it is happening consistently.

    The WaveCallbackProxyThread() is Microsoft source code.

    Even after analysing data abort also not able to understand exact root cause of the issue.

    Hence, requesting all for any suggestions to proceed further.

    Need help....



    Wednesday, July 3, 2013 11:51 AM