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  • I am working with my WES7 image and am trying to extract the custom power settings to apply them during install.  I am following the Annabooks article (

    The issue is that I set the configuration as balanced and used "powercfg /list" to see that it is indeed balanced.  I have the "Select a power plan" page open while plugged in and after about 10 minutes or so it appears to automatically change to "High Performance".

    I was able to change advanced power settings and match the key deltas I wanted (never turn the screen off, what power button and closing the lid does).  The question is really, why would it automatically change settings like that?  Should I be concerned about it behaving like that in the future?  When I follow the guide mentioned above, it has me only import 1 power plan, so should I be worried in the next install that it won't apply properly?

    Edit: I should mention, I am only at the step of gathering the profile, I have not added the profile to the answer file for deployment yet.

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  • Never noticed this when writing the paper. It shouldn't change. There is a couple of posts I found on this:

    Take a look at the CPU setting to see if the settings are set to maximum anywhere. / / Book Author - Pro Guide to WE8S, Pro Guide to WES 7, Pro Guide to POS for .NET

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014 9:14 PM
  • The whole time the system is plugged in, there is no battery present.  Those links seem to suggest the issue coming in when there is a change between battery and wall power.

    All of the CPU settings are standard for the profiles: 

    • Balanced Min processor state: 5% (battery and plugged in)
    • Balanced Max processor state: 100%
    • Balanced System cooling policy: battery = passive, plugged in = active
    • High Perf Min Processor state: battery = 5% , plugged in = 100%
    • High Perf Max processor state: 100%
    • High Perf System Cooling Policy: active

    Here is some additional characterization:

    After approximately 15 minutes of inactivity, the system will automatically change from "Balanced" (the selected profile) to "High Performance".  At this time I notice two things, the fan starts to kick on and the windows theme seems to change.  With the theme changing, the bottom bar is no longer transparent, it becomes more opaque.  The power plan and theme revert back if I click on a window. (I think the default theme is "Windows 7 Aero" and the one it changes to is "Windows 7 Basic")

    Wednesday, November 26, 2014 2:31 PM