Kinect working, but not available on OBS RRS feed

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  • I've installed my Xbox One Kinect onto my Windows 10 PC. Works fine with Kinect Studio V2.0, but OBS and Streamlabs OBS do not see the device to select it for streaming. About 6 months ago before I did a fresh install of Windows 10 due to clutter it worked just fine. Same Windows 10 and all. I've installed the same items from googling "Install kinect drivers" which leads me to "KinectRuntime-v2.0_1409-Setup" and "KinectSDK-v2.0_1409-Setup". Again, Kinect Studio V2.0 kinect works just fine. No issues. OBS and Streamlabs simply does not see the Kinect. Not doing anything different than before my fresh install where everything worked fine before.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2019 4:01 PM