Passing parameters between reports RRS feed

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    I have 2 reports, report 'A' which is the main report and report 'B' which is the detailed report.

    i have 2 parameters req1 and req2, both datetime parameters. when the user clicks on the hyperlink on Report A, it takes them to report B.

    what im trying to do is have the parameters from report A passed to Report B

    my datasource looks like this
    SELECT ProjectName, Occurrence, StatusName, AssignedMembers, RequestDate, CompletionDate
    FROM tblAddProject
    WHERE (RequestDate > @req1) AND (RequestDate < @Req2)
    ORDER BY RequestDate ASC

    i tried adding the req1 and req2 parameters in a WHERE clause, but recieved the the data without the parameters when trying to view the detailed report B

    i want the parameters passed to be included in the datasource, but i keep getting the error below when i try and add them to the datasource statement

    "The report parameter 'Req2' has a DefaultValue or a ValidValue that depends on the report parameter "Req2". Forward dependencies are not valid"

    any help?
    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 11:44 PM