What is most likely reason for ranking massive drop?


  • Ok, a number of things happened which preceded a massive ranking drop for my app.

    1. I got frustrated and temporarily took my app off the store for 2 days (around Oct. 4-5)

    2. When I went back online Oct. 6, I had implemented a new feature by request

    3. When I put it back online, I may have accidentally raised the price slightly when I was on 'markets' screen, but when I caught it initially ran a 50% sale then lowered the price back

    4. I even implemented another new feature since then, something requested in many reviews

    But the app ranking fell from 271 on October 7th to it's current (as of yesterday) ranking of #771, or a drop of 500 spots in the rank.

    I wish I had some idea what precipitated the drop.  I guess predicting this kind of thing Is impossible.  I'm certainly not going to ask for my ranking to be artificially inflated back up.  It's just strange, that's all.


    Thursday, October 16, 2014 11:49 AM

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  • Did your App experience an increase in crashes during that time?

    Did your App drop when it comes to the ratings by users during that timeframe?

    How exactlly the rating algorithm works is not published (so no one can exploit it) but No of Downloads, Ratings and Crashes all play into it. It's possible that missing 2 days of Downloads combined with the lower download number due to the higher price might have been contributing factors.

    If it's rather close in that ~500 spots with the rankings I'd guess that even a small change could make for a big difference.

    I assume it's still the same App identity and you didn't submit it as a completely new App (which basically would have reset everything to zero).

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