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  • I downloaded the trial version of EW3 and had no trouble installing it. However, when I would open it from the start menu, it appeared that EW was starting up (the promo graphics come up, etc) and then absolutely nothing. Like poof, all indications of the program starting up were gone. I eventually gave up and completely uninstalled the trial software.

    Months later, a co-worker bought the software as an upgrade. I re-downloaded the trial and was obviously prompted that my trial period had expired. I plugged in the registry key my co-worker provided and it went through fine. However, when I go to open EW, it still does the same thing. There is no error message or anything. It simply doesn't open. I have opened up the task manager and watched it as it happens. It doesn't ever show up in Applications, but it does show up in Processes, until it craps out and goes away.

    All of the Net Framework stuff is up to date, I researched and downloaded the SP 1 and SP 2. Through all my research I can't really find situations where it simply will just not open. I have plenty of RAM, running on Windows XP with plenty of other sophisticated programs that have never caused this problem.

    Any ideas?

    Monday, April 26, 2010 1:25 PM

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  • Two notes:

    If the trial won't work, there is no reason to think that the full version will work.  They are the same, other than the trial times out.

    Second, EW is per-user.  If you want the program, you will have to buy it for each user, not share a key with your co-worker.

    As to the actual problem, have you looked in the event viewer to see what errors are logged?



    Monday, April 26, 2010 2:06 PM
  • I believe the program is immediately shutting down because it thinks you do not have the right to run it.  I had a similar problem many years back with, I think, Microsoft Office.  Word, for example would start then immediately close down.  I traced the problem to a bad update or something and did find a solution, but it has been too long to recall the details.  I am sure if you knew where to go in the registry, you could fix the problem.  Possibly Microsoft has a utility that will totally clean your computer from all traces of EW.  I think there was one for Office.   If you could do that, then you might get a successful installation.

    Monday, April 26, 2010 2:10 PM