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    I am modifying an existing SharePoint 2007 workflow.  The workflow has an approval form created in InfoPath 2007.  The form has various comment fields.  I have added a dropdown box.  The user must select a value from the dropdown box when they fill out the approval form.

    In the code behind the workflow, I would expect the ExtendedProperties collection of the SPWorkflowTaskProperties to include an item containing the value from the dropdown box, but it does not.

    As part of the modification of the InfoPath form, I edited the ItemMetadata.xml file that is used as a secondary data source, to include an extra attribute ows_mydropdown="".

    In the form, the dropdown appears correctly bound to an element in the main data source.

    I must have missed out an essential step here... any ideas? 
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7:11 AM


  • May not help, but in my similar situation I have a textbox field in my IP form, 'accountName'.  In my workflow I am able to access the value from that IP field using the SPWorkflowTaskProperties object, which I refer to in my task changed event in the workflow's code behind:  onTaskChanged_AfterProperties.ExtendedProperties["accountName"].ToString().  So you might try putting a textbox on your IP form, give it some value and see if you can get it from the workflow as I was able to do.   Might tell you if it's something strange with dropdowns or not.


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    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 8:28 PM