Challenges on a Plugin for Outlook RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have developed a plugin for Outlook that automatically saves files to folders prescribed by the user according to rules defined by the user. The rules are based on the incoming email address and the subject of the email. The user can also give an option to allow him to save the files manually in which case he can prescribe preferred locations where h should be guided to, also based on rules. The options can be based on the type of file (such as Word / PDF / others) and the user can direct different files to different locations. 

    When the file is automatically saved, the application generates an overlay on the folder in which the file is saved and in all folders above that folder so that the user can know where he would find the file. An overlay is also placed on the file itself. The overlay is different based on whether the file it a new one or a new version of an earlier file etc. If there are multiple different types of files saved in a folder (or in a folder under it) then the overlay indicates that there are multiple files with different types. 

    The challenge being faced is that the overlay on the file is successful only when the file it saved to disk and not when it is saved to cloud. When it is saved to cloud, the cloud placed an overlay of a green tick mark (to indicate that the file is up to date on cloud). This makes it difficult for the user to find the file that has been saved. Even though the application also generates an alert which the user can click on to be taken to that file, the overlay is an important method to find saved files. 

    Would anyone know how this might be achieved? 


    Thursday, November 28, 2019 7:16 AM