How do I call a WebAPi ASP.NetCore from a existing WCF application RRS feed

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  • I am needing to create a WebAPI ( may change)  middle wear application that will be consumed by several WCF applications. the challenge is that I can not change the WCF application code I do have access to it.

    I've added Restful methods in the controller and I see the call coming in as a POST. the problem is that I cannot see any of the data from the request.  I've decorated the  parameters using [fromBody]. still no success

    WCF Request :

     public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<MySvc.aResponse> fAsync(string AMethod, string ANumber, string Function, string Environment, string AString, string AInd)
                MySvc.fEgcaRequest inValue = new MySvc.fequest();
                inValue.Body = new MySvc.fRequestData();
                inValue.Body.ActivationMethod = AMethod;
                inValue.Body.aNumber = ANumber;
                inValue.Body.Function = Function;
                inValue.Body.Environment = Environment;
                inValue.Body.TStr = AString;
                inValue.Body.AcctDeactPrevInd = AInd;
                return ((MySvc.caPortType)(this)).MySvc(inValue);

    WebAPI Post:


    public Myresponse Put([FromBody] MyResponse  data)


    var tempData = data;



    *** the data parameter in the Put method does not contain data.

    Friday, January 6, 2017 2:22 PM

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  • Hi Lawrence,

    >> the challenge is that I can not change the WCF application code I do have access to it.

    Do you mean you can’t create a new method or modify exist method in WCF application? If so, I think you could not call WebAPI from WCF application.

    If you could change code in WCF application, I suggest you try HttpClient to make request to WebAPI from WCF.

    Best Regards,


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    Monday, January 9, 2017 1:43 AM