Private flag not changed on room reservation after change on Organizer's calendar RRS feed

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  • Please advise if this is not the best forum since my scenario is on Office365.

    If I create a new private meeting, and add a room location that is defined as a resource, the meeting on the room's calendar correctly reflects the private flag.

    However, if I then edit the organizer's calendar and clear the private flag, the room's calendar does not appear to be updated with this change.  

    I am querying the room's calendar via Graph API and the Sensitivity value remains Private.

    We have set up the CalendarProcessing settings for the room for RemovePrivateProperty == false as required to allow the room to be marked as private if the incoming meeting request is private.  

    Our workaround is to do 2 queries, first for the room, then a 2nd to get the organizer's meeting, but I'm trying to confirm that the background update to the rooms calendar skips over these fields.

    Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: I can confirm that if the meeting begins as non-private, but then is marked as private, the room event DOES reflect this change.  So it appears to only be the scenario where the private flag is cleared.
    Friday, December 7, 2018 3:24 PM