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  • I have an application that I need to test that's destined for a Windows CE device, and I'm running Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7.  I have Platform Builder 5.0.  Had to install Platform Builder 5.0 in Windows XP mode because it's unsupported in Windows 7.  In my efforts to get a working emulator I've tried the following:

    1)  Following the PB tutorial to build a run-time emulator image, and then load our application onto it.  After I build/sysgen, and try "attach to device," I get the error "Emulator for Windows CE can't run one virtual machine inside another," since I'm in XP mode.

    2) Building an x86 emulator image, moving it to the host OS, and loading it into Device Emulator via command line.  I get a window with a blank screen that never does anything, no matter how long I wait.  So it's not the OS booting.

    3)  Rolling that x86 emulator image into an SDK.  It won't generate the SDK, informing me that the platform isn't sysgen'd, even though it is.

    4)  Creating a platform with support for an x86 emulator *and* an x86-based device, and then rolling that into an SDK.  The SDK generates, installs just fine on the host OS, and even shows up in VS2008.  But in the device emulator manager, even though the platform appears in the list of emulators, it's just a line of text; I have no option to connect to it.  If I "connect to device" to the platform, it tells me it couldn't connect (presumably because it thinks it's a real device, and it's not).

    I really don't know what else to do.  I've looked through some threads here and iterated through the different solutions that worked for others, with no success.  I admittedly haven't worked with Platform Builder before, so some of my difficulty may be due to that.

    If anyone has suggestions, please, let me know.  Thanks.

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 5:53 PM

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  • I don't know specifically what's going on, but you have to be sure that you aren't building a DEBUG build of the OS, which will be waiting to establish a connection to Platform Builder, in all liklihood, before you get a Windows CE desktop, even in the emulator.  So, that's my first guess: you've build the emulator BSP with a DEBUG build of the emulator.

    My second concern is trying to do this on an unsupported OS, so I'd try some old XP box that you have laying around with VS2008 on it.  Install the properly-created SDK from above and see what happens.

    Paul T.


    Monday, December 27, 2010 4:14 PM