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    Hello, I've been strugling with an issue regarding UNC share and an MVC app accesing it. So the scenario in short, this is an intranet app where users enter some data and they can also add/append documents to this "form" (jpg, docx, pdf.. etc), this folder is not on the same server as the application, but in the same domain.

    So I set up an app pool for the intranet app, and another for the unc share, lets call it DocAppPool. If I set DocAppPool to run as a custom account that has read\write permissions, evrything works great, but now evryone can open/edit evryones elses documents. What I want is when a user wants to open a file form this folder, he/she needs to be in the permissions tab (an algorithm assigns user rights to the files based on some info). So my question is how to I set up an app pool to allow logged on users to access a file if they are allowed to?

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014 7:12 PM