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  • Three words that, of course, would normally not be associated with the art of software development.

    However, it's not a far stretch to infer that at least two of those words could be employed to assist in describing two tenets of a customer/supplier relationship, the level applied in each case determining the success or otherwise of said relationship.

    On both counts, Microsoft, you have failed. Miserably, totally, abjectly. On second thoughts though, the application of the word 'failed' in some ways lets you off the hook, since failure implies that there existed, at least, even a modicum of pre-ordained willingness and effort in order to address an issue.

    In fact, what you have done is to WILFULLY ignore your customers, a completely despicable state of affairs and, less you be in any doubt, those customers are people comprising the LightSwitch community; as far as I can tell a decent, hard-working, giving bunch who've invested their time and energy on the back of a wave of evangelism and, at least up until just over a year ago, promises of things to come.

    It is now 6 months since we were told that the Team would 're-engage' (how wonderfully nice of you) with us and that previous shortcomings (ridiculously large understatement) in communications were 'unacceptable' and would not recur 'going forward'.

    I'll just leave that last quote or two sitting there for a minute.

    Courage....oh yes, courage to come forward with an official position, bereft of corporate BS.

    I am not any sort of spokesperson for the LightSwitch community, but would be highly surprised if even one of us did not want you to do the decent and courteous thing. So do it. Now. Please.

    Ian Mac

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  • Wise words well said as usual. Unfortunately as before this will more than likely get the same response......or lack of response! Yes the patent trolls may have something to do with it and yes we know that as it is in VS 2015 it will be supported for a while but this doesn't excuse the lack of ANYTHING from Microsoft. As has been mentioned on this forum earlier Connect 2015 is coming and you never know they may surprise us........

    Ok, this may be false hope but LS is too good a product to give up on.

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    Monday, November 2, 2015 11:14 AM