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  • The late May 2020 update to Office  365 killed the ability to access excel and word from VB.net applications.   Programs which have been compiling for years can not be compiled now.  Visual Studio folks have been working on this problem with me for two weeks and they and I have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the Office ball park.  I had just done several successful builds and test runs and noticed that there was an Office update waiting.  I shutdown Visual Studio and did the update.  Started VS up again and it is broken.  That was back around May 20th or so.  Here is the problem:

    References to "Microsoft Office 15.0 Object Library is checked and is at the 2.7 level
    References to "Microsoft Office 16.0 Object Library is checked and is at the 2.8 level

    The build errors are shown in the code segment below.  I am hoping someone else around here has seen this and perhaps has a solution.  The Visual Studio folks have been great and were able to re-create the problem with this simple code shown here. As noted above, they believe the problem is in Office and have moved the incident to them.  In the mean time I am dead in the water.  Note that I tried a similar test case with word and it fails the same way as it also required the interop functions.  My guess is the office.core code is missing functions, etc. 

    Have uninstalled and installed office and Visual Studio both several times.  I left one machine without Office and even that way it fails to build.  Tried with Visual Studio 2019 and 2017.  Same errors.  Seems like the install of the office update stepped on something that did not get regressed when I did the un-install.  

    Imports Microsoft.Office.Core		
    Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop  ' warning message        	
    Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel ' warning message
    ' The warning message is: 
    ' "Imports statement is unnecessary.  Namespace or type specified in the Imports  'Microsoft.Office.Interop does not contain any public names or cannot be found."
    Pubblic Class Form 1
    Public oExcel As Excel.Application	 
    ' ERROR flagged as not defined.
    Public oWorkBook As Excel.Workbook	  
    ' ERROR flagged as not defined.
    Public Xlworksheet 
    Public Sub New()
            ' This call is required by the designer.	
            ' Add any initialization after the InitializeComponent() call.
        End Sub
    End Class



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