How do I report problems with BinScope 2014? RRS feed

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  • I've just been trying out BinScope 2014. It mostly works, but there are a couple of problems:

    a) It gives me this error on all my EXEs and DLLs:

    "error BA2003: <myDLL.dll> was built with an unrecognized version of the Active Template Library (ATL). ..."

    The message is spurious, since it doesn't use the ATL at all: I'm entirely sure of this, because it's C code, rather than C++ code.

    b) It doesn't check for use of the various string functions listed in banned.h. I can see that some of them are used, by running "dumpbin /imports myDLL.dll", and adding an equivalent of that check to BinScope shouldn't be very hard.

    What's the correct route for reporting such problems?

    John Dallman

    Friday, January 16, 2015 4:24 PM