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  • Hi all,

    just wondering about the new functionality "Comments" (versus notes). In VBA I can find some stuff about this new fucntionality, (like addcommentthread) but in VSTO, I just can't find anything (I am using VSTO 2013-2016).

    Am I missing something or is it just not there? 

    Now I guess it is new for Excel 365/2019, and VSTO supports to 2016, but since Excel2019 is there why is VSTO not supported??



    Thursday, August 15, 2019 11:25 AM

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  • Hello Arie,

    The Range.AddCommentThreaded method adds a new modern threaded comment to the range if no comment already exists. The following example adds a threaded comment to cell E5 on worksheet one:

    Worksheets(1).Range("E5").AddCommentThreaded "Current Sales"

    You may not find this method using IntelliSense due to the interop assembly used. Excel for Office 365 has changed the way comments work. Comments are now threaded, and allow you to have discussions with other people about the data. So, you need to replace interop assemblies with latest ones or just use the late-binding technology, see Type.InvokeMember for more information. 

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    Sunday, August 18, 2019 9:20 AM