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  • hi.

    I have quite an ordinary Debug.Assert like this:

    Debug.Assert( someExpression, "some message");

    Now, in the x86 build of my (c#, windows forms) project, when someExpression evaluates to "false", a message box is show with the assert message.

    However, in the x64 build, the message box is _not_ shown - at least not all the time. i can actually step over the Debug.Assert() statement in the debugger, verify that expression evaluates to false, but still no message box. when i just stepped over the statement and paste the line of source of the statement into the emmediate window, the message _is_ show. (i.o.w.: the statement really evaluates to false.)

    however, this does not happen all the time: sometimes the mbox is shown, sometimes it's not - and only in the x64 build.

    any suggestions of what might be causing this behaviour ?

    -thomas woelfer

    Friday, May 4, 2012 12:40 PM

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