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  • In a windows store app project, I need to change the default vertical Margin and Padding in the standard ListViewItem style.(I want to layout the listview item more tightly, because I only need the ListView to display a list of information, and there's no need for complicated input interacting.)

    So I edited a copy of the ItemContainerStyle, and remove all margin and padding in it. But I still can't achieve my goal - there's obviously some unknown extra "space" on top of every ListViewItem. It cost almost a whole Sunday morning to finally figure out what the real problem is: It turned out that this extra top margin was introduced by check mark, I find this because only when SelectionCheckMarkVisualEnabled is set to false, that margin would disappear completely. 

    Honestly I don't think this design is good, the hidden space sometimes can cause many confusion. Not mention the visual appearance is kindly "awkward". Could it be better if the extra margin introduced by the check mark is eliminated? 

    Sunday, December 22, 2013 4:22 AM