Not sure how to DATA Model this to get to UI and UX that would be simple for a user RRS feed

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  • I'm still curious about how to model a Panel many to many to a Lab detecting a specific Result. Each Lab Result to be tested against the Lab’s properties for normal range and critical ranges.

    I also want to do some stuff with queries and comparisons to previous Panels Lab Results to show trend up or down only showing the lab trends that are dangerous. While also showing Lab results that are abnormal out of bounds with their current trend.

    That way I can list only two small strings of Results with an abbreviated header for each Lab with an arrow up or down to indicate Trend. All that put together after an abbreviated header for each Panel with a semi colon to show the list nature of the Labs and Results.

    Then I'll just put together all the first and second most recent panels into two strings to fit in the Fields OLD LABS, and NEW LABS respectively to go on the nursing notes or the MAR spot for any medication requiring a lab to be looked at first.
    Looking at these new types of labs helps me think through how to model my relational database and how to name fields and properties so it's clear how to use the building blocks I put together to make a Panel.

    I need to also think about the GUI User Controls a non-lay data theory or otherwise person would be able to use in the end to create new Panels each time they need one. Also the Ux of a person typing in a Panel name and it bringing up existing panels to choose from and what will things like Result ranges will be prepopulated, What if any fields will be editable or read only etc... I've seen some implementation of controls in Microsoft Health Vault I like but I'm not sure how they got from Data Model to controls like those.


    Emerging Blood labs

    Alzheimer's, Levels of protein amyloid-beta
    Alzheimer's, Levels of molecule microRNA

    CancerSEEK 8 types;
    ovarian, levels of DNA and proteins
    liver, levels of DNA and proteins
    stomach, levels of DNA and proteins
    pancreatic, levels of DNA and proteins
    esophageal, levels of DNA and proteins
    breast, levels of DNA and proteins
    Also differentiates the exact type present

    Genetic diseases, in early pregnancy(6-10 weeks);
    Genetic diseases, detects a single-gene

    Celiac disease, levels of immune cells targeting gluten proteins

    Heart disease, levels of lipoprotein substances that carry cholesterol
    Heart attack, levels of TMAO associated with blood clot (thrombosis)

    High-Sensitivity Levels of protein C-reactive protein (CRP) increases with inflammation causes blood vessels and other organs to erode increasing risk of heart attack or stroke

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  • Hello, I found your project very interesting.
    I have a lot of experience with LS.
    Can I help you set up an LS project?

    can you send me a direct email to rodrigo@bascode.com

    to do these types of screens, you need to create views in a database, and associate those views with an auxiliary database.

    I would really like Microsoft to reconsider the LS project, it is incredibly practical for non programmers and programmers.
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  • Yeah I'd love any help I can find. Developers at all so busy. I have an important meeting on April 11th with a Small Business Administration SCORE mentor.
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  • I sent you an email from my personal email account at Hotmail.
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  • I never heard anything back from you so I'm going to stop looking for it in my junk mail.
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