resource are sized wrong


  • I have a MFC shell application that was working on windows XP embedded (the original XPe) that relied on hardware that has since been updated and no longer has a driver that will work on anything before xp sp3.  So I got it working xp sp3 and almost working on XP embedded standard.  The only issue is that resources in a supporting DLL are the wrong size. (originally resources in the executable were the wrong size as well until I brought in some legacy support component (don't remember which one).  I don't have the source to the MFC shell application any longer and I don't want to rewrite it.  I know this works on XP sp3 so it should work on XP embedded standard no?  Any ideas on a component I am missing?  I have checked dependencies and everything is satisfied.  The dll has a rgs resource and the correct entries are in the registry.  I'm wondering if the manifest maybe is getting read wrong or something of the sort.
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 3:20 AM