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  • The following is the code written in wcf service host application. This application calls the soap webservice within.

    public Jobs_Response Jobs_Get(decimal? refid, decimal? RN, int? WorkID, int? Start, int? ServiceRequestID)



                Service1.Jobs_GetResult result;

                using (Service1.Service1WebServiceSoapClient client = new Service1.Service1WebServiceSoapClient())


                    result = client.Jobs_Get(







                return Jobs_Response.Parse(result);


    In the client, I want to use the returned values of Client.Jobs_Get

    Proxy.MyServiceClient Client = new MyServiceClient();

    ????????= Client.Jobs_Get(1234, null, null,null, null)

    What should be written in the left hand side of the above? Client.Jobs_Get returns 6 values. I need to capture that values and store it in 6 variables?

    How do I proceed for it? Could anyone please write the sample code.

    Monday, March 24, 2014 11:16 PM

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  • Hi,

    I have created the example in my side, please try to check the following code:

    ServiceReference1.TestService1Client client = new ServiceReference1.TestService1Client();
                ServiceReference1.Jobs_Response Jobs_Response = new ServiceReference1.Jobs_Response();
                decimal? s1 = Jobs_Response.refid;
                decimal? s2 = Jobs_Response.RN;
                int? s3 = Jobs_Response.Start;
                int? s4 = Jobs_Response.WorkID;
                int? s5 = Jobs_Response.ServiceRequestID;
                Console.WriteLine("refid=" + s1);
                Console.WriteLine("RN=" + s2);
                Console.WriteLine("WorkID=" + s4);
                Console.WriteLine("ServiceRequestID=" + s5);

    Best Regards,
    Amy Peng

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    Tuesday, March 25, 2014 3:44 AM
  • I have seen the datacontract of Jobs_Response. It is like the below:

    public class Jobs_Response

    public Jobs_ResponseJob[] Jobs {get; set; }

    public int RecordCount Jobs {get; set;}

    public static Jobs_Response Parse(Jobs_GetResult input)
    return new Jobs_Response()
    Jobs = (input.Jobs == null)? null : Jobs_ResponseJob.Parse(input.Jobs),
    RecordCount = input.RecordCount



    So, client.Jobs_Get will return Jobs[] and RecordCount. The data member Jobs_ResponseJob in Jobs_Response described above has the following definition:

    public clas Jobs_ResponseJob
    public int ServiceRequestID {get; set;}

    public int ServiceRequestIDSpecified {get; set;}

    public int Premises {get; set;}

    public int ScheduledStart {get; set;}

    public static Jobs_ResponseJob Parse(Jobs_GetResultJobsJob input)
    return new Jobs_ResponseJob()
    ServiceRequestID = input.ServiceRequestID,
    ServicRequestIDSpecified = input.ServiceRequestIDSpecified,
    Premises = (input.Premises == null) ? null : CtPremises.Parse(input.Premises),
    ScheduledStart = input.ScheduledStart


    how to assign each of the returned rows of client.Jobs_Get to  ServiceRequestID, ServiceRequestIDSpecified, Premises, ScheduledStart of Jobs_ResponseJob. Once those values are obtained, I need to assign them to local variables

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    Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:42 AM