Silverlight communication with existing WCF secured service RRS feed

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  • I’m very new to SL and was from ASP.NET and WPF back ground. I wish to ask couple of question which may be very basic for you guys... Please feel free to consider this and respond with sample code / Link.

    Let me define my current situation.

    I have an enterprise application in finance domain which is built in WPF, WCF and SQL 2008. All my smart client WPF communication routed through a distributed environment via WCF. It has customized behaviors, bindings, SSO etc.

    Now my question is, I’m in process of building a POC in Silverlight to connect to the SQL server db via the same existing WCF service. Will that be possible? If so, how?

    Here is my service end point sample which is being consumed by WPF smart client application

    <endpoint address="http://my IP/Application/TestService" binding="customBinding" bindingConfiguration="httpCompressionBinding" contract="ITestService" name="WSAddress" behaviorConfiguration="FullyAuthenticatedNonSsoBehavior" />

    Monday, February 25, 2013 9:32 PM