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  • I created a list in Sharepoint 2007. It contains info like organization names and employee types). The columns are Choice fields.  There are 2300 rows of 25 columns each.  

    Next, I created a form in Infopath 2007, there are 1600 fields. About 55 rows of 30 columns. I set the Sharepoint list as the secondary data connection for the form.

    The fields in the Infopath form are text fields. I set the default value as a formula to do counts from the Sharepoint list.  (ie. count report org (Finance) when an employe type equals "Staff"). I do not have any Rules set.  I do have it set to "Update this value when the result of the formula is recalculated" 

    I published the Infopath form to the Sharepoint site.  The initial report went fine. I had six fields that were off by one count but out of 1600 fields, I thought I was doing great. But, when I began to troubleshoot it, I realized that the Infopath form is not consistently picking up the changes made to the Sharepoint list.  (ie, I added an employee to the finance group, but the calculated value on the form did not increase by one).

    Am I missing something? Why is Infopath not picking up the changes in the Sharepoint list?  The Sharepoint list will be changed many times on a daily basis and I need to be able to click on the Infopath form and have it run the report on the real-time data.

    Carole Brown

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  • Carole, please do not put frantic exclamation marks.

    Ok, so we need more detail on what you're doing.  InfoPath only sees the data you tell it to see.  If you have a data connection, and it queries the list, then it sees EXACTLY what's in the list whenever the query occurs.  So, if the data connection is set to query on Form Load (when opening), then it will see the exact data currently in the list.  It can't see anything else, because secondary data is not stored in the form, so the data is always live unless the data changes while you have the form open in which case you need to re-query.  If numbers are off even by 1, then it may be your formulas.

    I can tell you, though, 2300 rows is going to kill performance for that form, especially if the source list grows.

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