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    I'm trying to connect to a Web Service which autenticate via certificate

    I have the certificate (.cer) and this is the code in C# , VS2010

    static void Main(string[] args)
                //// Get the certificate file address 
                string certPath = Properties.Settings.Default.RootCert;   
                 AdministrationService safa = new AdministrationService();
                 safa.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
                   AssignArtifactToCustomerParameters Ag = new AssignArtifactToCustomerParameters(); 
                    // Load the client certificate from a file.
                    X509Certificate x509 = X509Certificate.CreateFromCertFile(certPath);
                    //Add the certificate to the ClientCertificates collection of the Web service proxy.
                    Ag.ArtifactCode = "12345";
                    Ag.ArtifactTypeID = "5";
                    Ag.PlaceName = "IMPRES";
                    Ag.CustomerID = "12345678";
                    AssignArtifactToCustomerResult ar = safa.AssignArtifactToCustomer(Ag);
                catch (Exception e) 
                    Console.WriteLine ("Connection Error to Service<" + e.Message + ">" );

     I get the error "Could not establish a trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel."

    Nevertheless, I installed the certificate via MMC and test the service call whith SOAPUI utility and I get a right answer from the WebService

    I tryed dozens of tips get from internet and spent a lot of hours but always fail


    Thanks for your answer



    Saludos David

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  • Hi,

    This error usually cased by an untrusted certificate, please check if you have placed the generated certificate in the "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities". And you may refer a kb below to check if it helps.

    #How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application

    Best Regards.

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