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    Hi everyone! Feels like today I have a lot of questions :) But I’m stuck again and have not a clue what to do.

    Basically I do not know what needs to be done, thus will try to explain the situation as detailed as possible.

    At one point user will have to provide LDAP search path. (*I have little knowledge of what it is and why we have to get it), but fortunately this is not for me to care. My problem is to validate if this search path is correct.

    Problem is that I cannot run the check and see if it does the trick, due to whole program is not finished yet, thus I have to make it without testing. And modify (*hopefully it will not be needed) at the testing stage.

    So how can I make sure that LDAP search path is correct… exists?

    At least can you point me in a right direction, due to google + ”C# LDAP” do not provide needed information.

    Like...yeah..something like this...
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