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  • Is there a list of conditions under which an application will get shut down by the OS?

    The reason I'm asking is: in order to test our HTML5/JavaScript Metro-style app, I wrote a test-runner that installs the package, starts the application, waits for it to finish, collects the test results and uninstalls the package again.

    This is working fine when invoked from the command line or from within Visual Studio. But when run from Jenkins, our CI system, the application gets interrupted while running the tests. The exit code for the process spawned via IApplicationActivationManager is 0.

    Manually bringing the app to the foreground doesn't help. My guess is that maybe Windows includes the memory footprint of the spawning process against some limit, finds the Java Runtime and decides it's a greedy app that needs to be shut down.

    When configuring the app to run (any combination of) fewer tests so that it takes less time, everything works great so I'm thinking there may be a timer involved.

    Hoping for hints and suggestions


    Friday, May 11, 2012 1:28 PM


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