Global hooks with Vista RRS feed

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    Hi ya all.
    Ive tried various forums for an informed reply to my problem to no avail.
    I am wanting to use journalrecord/playback on a Vista system and written in VB6.
    So far, I have all the correct code to do it in earlier OS but not Vista due to security issues.
    I have visited all the links and followed all the suggested solutions, a lot of which seem to conflict with each other. Nevertheless, I have followed them even to the point of having to perform a system restore. Im not having a lot of fun with this. So much so that my head hurts from trying to make sense of all the reading.
    Does anyone know how to code priverlages in such a way that I do not have an Access Denied error (LastDllError = 5) and that the Function JournalRecordProc comes into play.
    Can someone PLEEEEASE help me with code, directions, or where I am better off looking for a positive solution without refering me to more links and more reading that has really become overload. I really dont mean to sound like I want the solution handed to me, just something positive.
    I really am going to be extrmely greatful for all help.
    Saturday, November 22, 2008 9:00 AM