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  • I am an installation developer.  We have been experiencing some huge performance issues with our installations which copy data files from a 2 layer DVD to the local hard drive.   We have seen significant performance issue with this process on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.  The installation will start out fine and like a marathon runner out of shape it will just naturally slow down from big data chuncks to smaller sizes.  We can seem Hard Memory faults as this starts.  the Application (setup.exe) drops its memory usage to zero.  The Disc I/O starts to drop.   The big obvious for the user is the drive is constantly being accessed and makes a very consitant noise off and on.

    It is about 90% of the time this issue happens.  Sometimes if you stop the process and eject the dvd and start over it takes off and runs.  We have seen the same thing with drag and droping the files to the hard drive.

    Lenovo G530
    Intel Core 2 duo processor T6400 2.0Ghz,
    3 GB ram
    DVD-RW Optiarc DVD-RW AD-7580S ATA
    250 GB Hitachi HDD ATA
    Intel Mobile Graphics Express 4 Series Video

    Dell Latitude E5410
    Intel Core i3 processor M370 2.4ghz
    3GB ram
    160 GB Western Digital SATA
    Intel HD Mobile Graphics

    DVD-ROM TS-L333D SATA firmware version D100
    it is SATA. SATA 1.2 compliant. (this system uses the Intel 5 series chipsets and not affected by the current 6 series Chipset a.k.a. Sandy Bridge SATA chip recall)

    In the course of testing, I tried several different install methods. disk, USB drive, and Network.

    1. Network installs were the fastest, averaging 6 minutes on the Win 7 computer and 7.5 minutes on the XP system
    2. USB installs were the next fastest, averaging 7.5 minutes on the Win 7 computer and 9 minutes on the XP system.
    3. The only problems were encountered when installing from DVD. The Windows XP system is around 20 minutes but the Windows 7 machine takes as long as an 45 minutes to an hour.

    I truely believe this is a Windows 7 Issue.  I am in need of identification of the problem and a solution.

    Monday, March 7, 2011 12:57 PM