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  • Hello together,


    i've writing just a service for Windows Azure and working with Blobs to store for example my Users-Informations and so on. My Problem is now, if i want to select one specific user (filtered by an meta data) i need to go through all of my blobs at first with ListBlobs() and then - to get the Metadata with "GetBlobReference(...)" and "Blob.FetchAttributes()". To get another User-Data i download the blob with "Blob.DownloadText()". Now when is this a "Storage-Transaction", which appears in my bill? Is it only, if i make "FetchAttributes()" or "DownloadText()"? Or is it, when i create the BlobReference? When does Microsoft counting this Storage-Transactions?

    Is it maybe better to work with the Tables and not with Blobs? 


    Thank you


    Thursday, August 5, 2010 6:15 AM


  • Hi Patrick,

    To answer your question regarding storage transactions, you're charged for a storage transaction when the code talks successfully to the storage service. So in your case you'll be charged "storage transaction fees" for the following:

    - one or more times per call to ListBlobs() function

    - Blob.FetchAttributes()

    - one or more times per call to DownloadText()

    Coming to your other question, is there a reason why you're storing user data in blob storage instead of table storage when you know you would need to query that data. IMHO, it would be better that you store the basic user data (like name, etc.) in table storage and then may be store user images or other binary data associated with a user in blob storage.

    Hope this helps.


    Gaurav Mantri

    Cerebrata Software


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