How to create a new item in a list while updating a item?


  • HOw to create a item when updating a item. In details, if item updated new item should create instead update that item. HOw to achieve this, thanks in advance
    Friday, December 2, 2016 11:02 AM

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  • Hi SamDany,

    You can use itemupdating event receiver create new item and on that segment use properties.cancel=true after item.update.



    public override void ItemUpdating(SPItemEventProperties properties)
        InsertEnquiryToSharepoint();//this will add new item to list change the parameters for input and column name too.
    properties.cancel=true;//add it u don't want to update list
    protected void InsertEnquiryToSharepoint()
        string strDashListRoot = "http://spSite/SubSite/Lists/MyList/";
        using(SPSite site = new SPSite(strDashListRoot))
            using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb())
                SPList list = web.Lists["MyList"];
                SPListItem Item = list.Items.Add();
                item["Title"] = txtCompanyName.Text;
                item["DateReceived"] = System.DateTime.Now;
                item["Description"] = txtDescription.Text;


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    Thanks Shekhar.diary

    Friday, December 2, 2016 11:16 AM
  • Hi Sam,

    I am checking to see how things are going there on this issue. Please let us know if you would like further assistance.

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