Changing language for ResourceLoader


  • Hi,
    I'm using the ResourceLoader for localization in a C++ dx game, and it works fine with english,
    but I wanted to try the other languages, but haven't found any way to do so.

    I found this on the forum:
    "if you want to test out your localized Metro-style app and switch between the languages, then just change your language profile in the Language control panel and re-run your app."

    But I can only change key-input locale in Control Panel\Language, other languages than english says:
    Windows display language:
        Sorry, a language pack isn't available.

    I use the same setup as the "Application resources and localization sample" with Resources.resw in
    subfolder named after the language code.

    With Properties on the files:
    Content: NO
    Item Type: PRI Resource

    I've tried changing the <Resource Language> in Package.appxmanifest from "en-us" to:
      <Resource Language="de" />
    But that didn't help.
    Can I use the ResourceLoader^ constructor with takes the name of the map to use? If so what's the syntax?

    Thursday, February 16, 2012 4:17 PM