10.4.1 - not compliant, BUT it PASSED on my device.


  • Hi Sir, I've got an email for my app

    We regularly review apps in the store to ensure they are in compliance with our policies. During our recent review of your app CLOCK', we found your app was non-compliant with our policies 10.4.1, as detailed below. 
    Using the Windows App Certification Kit on a Windows RT system with this app, we couldn't get passing results when tested..
    Action Required: 
    Please make the update in order to meet policy 10.4.1 by  Jun 08 2015 or Microsoft may unpublish one of more of your app(s).

    Does it mean the app can not run on the ARM device?  But it PASSED the "Windows App Certification Kit 3.4" on my Surface RT 1(I have only this one ARM device).  
    So I can not find out the problem. What can I do?  Remove the ARM version from the package?

    It should have passed the test before publishing to store. And it has 100k+ users with 4.4 avg rating, if it cannot run, users will tell me, why unpublish?
    Please do not unpublish it before I find out this problem. Thank you!

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 4:17 PM


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