ifc and validation


  • hello.
    I'm still reading the Definitive XML Schema but i don't understand some things
    I have a problem in loading ifcxml files from allplan with the xsd.exe tree generator.
    I attach all my files, with the xml .
    I ask you:
    1) i hope that the allplan ifc xml files are Validable, then where i can "put the hand" or change something for get the result?
    2)create an xslt trasformation that "repairs" the problem?

    in particular i see that:

    <IfcAxis2Placement3D id="i1556">
                    <IfcCartesianPoint id="i1584">
                        <Coordinates ex:cType="list">
                            <IfcLengthMeasure ex:pos="0">0.</IfcLengthMeasure>
                            <IfcLengthMeasure ex:pos="1">0.</IfcLengthMeasure>
                            <IfcLengthMeasure ex:pos="2">0.</IfcLengthMeasure>

    the xsd(ex.xsd) have this declaration:

    <xs:schema xmlns:ex="" xmlns:xs="" targetNamespace="" elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified">

    says that the

    elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified"

    this can be changed for eliminate most of the errors , the other problem is that if i change this line the id are unqualified
    <IfcAxis2Placement3D id="i1556">
    and i get other errors, is possible to ignore the ids and refs from the validation?

    3)I see that there are 3 xsd one , the configuration.xsd i don't understand what does, i must import it in my xsd.exe command line?
    and in the ex.xsd there is this code:
    <!-- INCLUDE the configuration schema holding the P28 configuration schema -->
    <!-- <xs:include schemaLocation="configuration.xsd"/> -->
    <!-- DEFINE the P28 root element -->
    i must uncomment the configuration line?

    what do this configuration file ?

    the files are at :


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