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  • If Organisation was the key to success Microsoft would not be winning. Microsoft recently has become dis-organised in it's naming and design of software. An example of this is Bing, the search provider that is the successor to Windows Live Search.  It was lacking in theme and did not fit the name or style of Microsoft. A label is a key part of any company, a watermark.

    With Windows 8 there was room to improve on the way computers are used. An introduction to the metro theme would help to better form the "windows experience" and all that comes with it, but this goal cannot be achieved without the use of metro style windows, taskbars and scroll bars as well as icons and buttons. Every other OS, Apple Snow Lepard, Linux based operating systems and Google Chrome Book, all have a consistancy about them. A logo is important part of any company.

    The ribbion theme was introduced to Microsoft Office 2007 and was used in Windows Live Essentials and some basic programs like Paint. Windows 8 is designed using metro as the theme yet ribbion is its own seperate theme that is not compatable with Metro. It is a major design error that Windows Explorer is always a step behind all other  themes.

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     unorganised company lacking direction.

    Patrick C, Australia
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