What are the alternate to SIOS Data keeper cluster? We just need a single storage where multiple apps(VMs) can write data files. Only the storage location will be accessed by multiple apps, but not the same . We were using data keeper (fail over) RRS feed

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  • Could you explain a bit more about your requirements and environment?

    You can create a multiple VMs with same storage account.

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    Wednesday, December 6, 2017 7:32 PM
  • We were using SIOS Datakeeper in failover mode so that Other apps can upload files to the shared drive. One of the node will be active while the other will be in read only. In case of system failure, the read only node will become active and the earlier active one will go read only. This ensures that the active cluster node will be available for apps to write data through a common cluster share. The data replication beteen the active and read only nodes will be taken care by SIOS.

    Now my question is if I go for high availability storage, will that meet my requirement?. We just need a network share that can be accessed from multiple VMs simultaneously and should be always available with zero downtime.or-

    -Having managed disk is sufficient or not. Will it ensure always available with no data loss and will  be able to accessible by apps running on multiple VMs simultaneously ?

    -Do we need to setup a clustered fail over file server, if yes what storage feature of Windows cluster(2016) is good for the above requirement

    G K

    Sunday, December 10, 2017 6:05 PM
  • You can use Azure File Storage. The availability of the storage depends on the replication type you have selected while creating a storage account. Refer the below article for more information on Azure Storage SLA.

    SLA for Storage

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