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  • I have found two problems with the Microsoft "Devices and Printers Metadata Authoring Wizard v1.0.0.0", under Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    Both problems relate to not being able to create the metadata package file, and the wizard reports no errors. Here is an example of the full file name that should be created:


    This file is suppose to be created when you click the 'Finish' button, under the 'Finish' tab, in the wizard.

    Both problems are the result of the wizard not correctly acting on the 'Folder location:' field, under the same 'Finish' tab.

    Problem #1

    If the 'Folder location:' field contains spaces, the metadata package file will not be created.

    Problem #2

    If the 'Folder location:' field is just the root directory of drive 'C' (C:\), the metadata package is created but placed in the wrong location. The location that receives the file is actually:


    Note, the "AppData" folder is a hidden folder.

    Note, problem #2 only appears to happen on the 'C' drive, I used the root directory of my drive 'D' (D:\) without a problem.

    I was able to diagnose both of the above problems using Microsoft's Sysinternals Procmon.exe utility.

    Is Microsoft aware of these problems?


    Saturday, October 26, 2013 3:04 AM


  • Are you using the Windows 7 devices and printers metadata authoring wizard? That wizard was released in the Windows 7 timeframe, and I would not suggest using it now, since we released an updated one in both WDK 8 and WDK 8.1.

    I'm pretty sure both of those issues are fixed with the device metadata authoring wizard from Windows 8.1. I would suggest you use the latest device metadata wizard. See for more details about device metadata in Windows 8.1.

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    Saturday, October 26, 2013 5:51 PM