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  • Similar to the old word art where you could fill basic shapes with text I want to fill in an odd shape (bird) by enlarging and/or distorting the text to fit the bird shape (preferably with a font of my choice).

    for example: if i could fill a bird shape outline so that the word Raven fills in the bird shape to fit. then, once outline removed it would only leave a bird shaped out of the letters "R'a'v'e'n"

    Can this be done using this software? and if so what are the basic steps please.

    Thanks in advance


    Sunday, May 8, 2016 10:59 PM

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  • If I gather correctly what you're looking for, try this: Create or import your shape. (Note that it must be a vector path, not a bitmap image.) Now, select the type tool, set your font characteristics, and start typing over the shape, hitting Enter as necessary to overlay the entire shape with the text. Now, using shift-click, select both objects, then click "Object|Clipping Path|Make with Bottom Path."

    That gets you bird shape filled with the word, or actually, with the word and fragments of the word. To get rid of the shape, leaving just the words, select the compound object, and over in the Properties panel, set the Stroke to none/zero. You will still see the outline of the shape (so you can select it), but it will not have an outline when you export it to png. Here's an example (just created ;-)

    If instead, you are looking for a way to start typing within the shape, and have the text wrap to be contained by the shape, I know of no way to do that with this software. Actually, that would leave some rather unattractive blank spaces, since wrapping would occur at word or syllable boundaries, unavoidably leaving small areas (beak, wingtips, etc.) empty.

    Give that a try and see if that does what you want.


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