WMP11 Bugs in just a casual hour of usage... RRS feed

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  • I got a new MP3 player that could benefit from WMP11, so I installed it and
    here are some bugs in just an hour usage:

    1. If you paste Album Art, for some reason all the other ones that do not
    have Album Art gets temporarily updated as well. It seams to go away when
    you actually click the file that got updated mistakenly to play it.

    2. Update the MP3 Tag info outside WMP11 using some Mass Tag editor software
    and bingo.... WMP11 has no clue what is going on... I click the file hoping WMP11 will update the info associated automatically, but it just
    disappears, the new Artist name and Album name I provided are nowhere to be

    3. Update Album Info is not effective at the very least.

    4. Can you provide a folder based view also? I am asking this because WMP11
    is classifying totally unrelated songs under different Artist names. This
    happens when the Artist name or so is not explicitly mentioned.

    5. After update of the Album Info of a file using "Find Album Info", the
    Album art does not get updated immediately. I have to re-search the song to
    see the image updated.

    In short, just an hour into uploading my files and trying to organize, my
    WMP11 Library is in quite a big of a mess. Being an electrical engineer
    myself, I understand the enormity of work involved in getting a player such
    as WMP11, so Good Luck till your final release. I don't have any expectations
    of you sorting out all the bugs, nevertheless, I hope for a superficially bug free one.


    Sunday, September 24, 2006 10:19 AM