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  • Hi all:

         I have been working with a LOB application, that is based on an OpenSUSE 11.4 image, with Apache Tomcat, Postgres, ..... I want to use that image in my Azure Subscription, so I am in the process of migrating that image form OpenSUSE 11.4 to OpenSUSE 12.1 (which from the documentation is an endorsed distribution as stated here)

         I have done the migration from OpenSUSE 11.4 to 12.1, without problems, but when I try to follow the guidelines express in the following link (http://blog.susestudio.com/2012/12/important-update-to-windows-azure-that.html#updaterepo), I cannot find the repository with the WALinuxAgent for OpenSUSE 12.1.

         My questions are:

    • What version of WALinuxAgent should I used with OpenSUSE 12.1?
    • Can I add in my installation of OpenSUSE 12.1, the repository of WALinuxAgent belonging to another version, for example OpenSUSE 12.2?
    • Is the OpenSUSE 12.1 distribution still supported in Azure?
    • When I follow the instructions on here to update the kernel (zypper update kernel-default after "zypper install perl" ), it tells me that the Package 'kernel-default' is not installed, so "Nothing to do", is that correct?

           I would really appreciate any help or guidance from you.

          Thanks in advanced.

          Kind regards.


    Thursday, May 2, 2013 2:31 PM