Does Windows take the most exceedingly practical method of displaying image as a secret ? Such that can't the ordinary people like me use it ? RRS feed

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  • I know an app of machine vision that takes 0% CPU usage rate while displaying very high resolution image(2000x5000, 10000x10000 , and higher, of cource with two scrolls) captured by an industrial camera.

    I had tried all usual methods of displaying such as "Windows GDI", "Opengl texture", "opengl FBO", "Opengl PBO", "DX3D texture", "DirectShow", "DXVA2", and no one makes that performance. 

    possibly, I just didn't grab the essence of these methods.

    The following is the amazing app's performace

    Note that:

    1. the camera is shooting a conveyer belt that carries some commodities with a barcode.

    2. Images are captured by an image capture card, so that capturing is not a thing that uses CPU.

    Monday, July 28, 2014 4:02 PM