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    I have SharePoint 2013 and I'm having a weird issue where creating new site collections take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Looking through the logs I'm seeing a few things that stand out that seem to be related to the site creation process.

    Missing Assemblies
    there are two entries stating that they are missing, I ran an inventory and I can see this happening with over 280 sites. I have a power shell command to remove them, but how can I stop it from attempting to use them when i create a site?
    Is that a change to the webconfig file?

    A content type failed to be syndicated
    Some of these are related to a third party application we used to have, it has its own content type in the content type hub. For testing, I unpublished one of the content types to see if it will be excluded from the site creation process. the one below looks like a out of the box content type; its saying the SharePoint Portal Server Business Applications Content Type Definition isn't enabled.
    A content type failed to be syndicated: Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.ContentTypeSyndicationException: Content type '$Resources:spscore,BizAppsContentTypes_Report;' cannot be published to this site because feature 'SharePoint Portal Server Business Appications Content Type Definition' is not enabled. at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.PreCheckFeature(Guid featureId) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.PreCheckFeatures(ContentTypeInfo info, String folderPath) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.ImportStarted(String folderPath) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPDeployment.OnStarted(SPDeploymentEventArgs e) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImport.Run() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.PrimeImport(PackageInfo package, SPIncludeSecurity includeSecurity, Boolean retainObjectIdentity, Boolean isContentType) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.ImportContentType(PackageInfo package) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.SubscriberImport.Import(PackageInfo package, Boolean& needToMarkSiteHavingExpirationPolicy) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.Internal.Subscriber.SynchronizeSite(TaxonomySession session, TermStore termStore, MetadataWebServiceApplicationProxy proxy, SPSite site, Guid rawPartitionId, DownloadedHubData downloadedHubData, SyndicationResult result, SiteStatus& siteStatus)
    This one is saying that the feature Document Sets is not enabled,
    Content type 'Direct Response Package' cannot be published to this site because feature 'Document Sets' is not enabled.
    Tuesday, July 2, 2019 7:21 PM

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  • Seems like you have custom solution on your farm. Please check related things or ask for the vendor for this.

    Justin Liu Office Apps & Services MVP, MCSE
    Senior Software Engineer
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    Wednesday, July 3, 2019 1:22 AM
  • Please do the troubleshooting according to the following steps:

    1. The third solution related to the feature Of SharePoint Portal Server Business Applications Content Type Definition, is deployed on your web application.

    2. Go to Site Collection Setting->Site Collection/Site Feature to activate the feature named SharePoint Portal Server Business Appications Content Type Definition

    3. Go to Site Collection Setting->Site Collection/Site Feature to activate the feature named Document Sets

    Wednesday, July 3, 2019 5:20 AM
  • Thanks for the response, the problem I have with activating the features (this error came up for another "A content type failed to be syndicated:  " ) is that this is during site creation.  I'm trying to figure out if this is whats causing the long run times.

    With regards to the vendor, unfortunately this is not an option. We left on bad terms with them due to this and may issues with there quality of work, lets just say this is a small reminiscence of there work.


    I do have a script to remove the missing assemblies within an existing site/list, how do I stop it from added to new site collections? for the content types I though publishing it would resolve that but its still showing up in the logs. one of these content types was from a third party tool we no longer use and it had a farm solution installed. I've retracted that from the web app app and will be testing it later. but failing that, again how do I stop SP from trying to pull the content types into the new site?

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    Wednesday, July 3, 2019 1:12 PM