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  • Hi,

    (I ask this question here because Interop is on topic here, if you know a better place please redirect me. :-)

    We are developing a large Application. It was started in Delphi (several millions LOC), but nowadays also contains a similar amount of C# code. The .NET DLLs are glued into the delphi exe via COM interop and Managed VCL (http://www.managed-vcl.com/).

    Now we have some problems when trying to debug those applications. With Delphi, we can step through the native code, but as soon as managed code is entered, the debugger has problems. When we use Visual Studio, it is the other way round, we cannot debug the native code. Especially when we have an unexpected exception happening when the stack contains several layers of delphi and .NET calls, this makes debugging really hard.

    There is a tool (http://code.google.com/p/map2dbg/) that converted delphi map files to dbg files, but VS 2008 seems to be limited to pdb files which this tool cannot produce.

    Do you know of any trick that could help us here?

    Monday, June 21, 2010 8:59 AM