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    Hello, I'd like to show Monthly Attendance Report Employee Wise in Cross Tab Crystal Report.

    I do not have much idea about forming the query for it and the Cross Tab Report.

    My Database Have Fields like:






    So I can have data like 

    1 ABC 10:00AM 6:30PM 1-Aug-2013

    2 XXX 10:00AM 6:30PM 1-Aug-2013

    3 YYY 10:00AM 6:30PM 1-Aug-2013

    1 ABC 10:00AM 6:30PM 2-Aug-2013

    2 XXX 10:00AM 6:30PM 2-Aug-2013

    3 YYY 10:00AM 6:30PM 2-Aug-2013

    1 ABC 10:00AM 6:30PM 3-Aug-2013

    2 XXX 10:00AM 6:30PM 3-Aug-2013

    3 YYY 10:00AM 6:30PM 3-Aug-2013

    So I can have the data for whole month this way, and I'd like to display it in...

    EmpName/Date    1-Aug-2013           2-Aug-2013        3-Aug-2013

                                IN   | OUT             IN   | OUT           IN   | OUT

    ABC                 10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM

    XXX                 10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM

    YYYY                10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM   10:00AM 6:30PM

    Can anyone please help me regarding this?

    Or you may suggest something else if you think something else will be better.

    I'm aware of PIVOT Table Query but not much of idea how to form it.

    Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:17 AM