A list of issues with the Windows Welcome/Logon screen

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  • Here's a list of issues with the current logon screen:

    1. Far too ugly. I know MS may not release it with this hideous green color but I don't want a plain boring solid color at all. I want a nice rich looking customizable logon screen like Windows 7, Vista or XP.

    2. Audio HID/keyboard device controls like mute work on the Windows 7 logon screen even if you are not logged in or the computer is locked. They don't work with Windows 8.

    3. On Windows XP, one could press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice to show the Classic logon while still the regular logon was enabled. This allowed you to login to a hidden user account (whose user name is also unknown, not just the password). In Windows 7, this feature works but only for computers joined to a domain. It doesn't work for workgroup computers. Can you make this work so pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del twice allows you to enter both the user name and the password?

    4. There seems to be a new Security Policy in Windows 8: Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Security Options -> Interactive Logon: Display user information when the session is locked. This doesn't seem to work yet for Windows 8. What info is it supposed to show? Have you brought back the display of domain name list? (Excited).

    5, I have set Windows to auto logon but holding down Shift to bypass auto logon is not reliable. Sometimes, it doesn't auto logon when Shift is held down, sometimes it does.

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