Unable to fetch MS Exchange Server data for meetings RRS feed

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  • I am integrating MS Exchange EWS Streaming Notification to pull meetings data from outlook when any event entry is created/updated/deleted in outlook calendar.

    I am using MS Exchange version 2013 and we were able to fetch meeting data successfully. Unfortunately, we are facing issue with pulling recurring meeting update.

    When we try to update one instance of the series add/remove meeting rooms in single occurrence .

    Multiple events are firing at the same time so we are unable to find out how many meetings rooms are actually booked in an occurrence .

    For example :

    1 .Book recurring meeting with room1 and room2 for daily occurrence .

    2.Update one occurrence of meeting and Add room3 and Remove room1 then send update .

    3. Appointment object not returning identical rooms name in Location field, multiple events are firing in this case for each rooms. So we want to pull how many rooms are finally in this occurrence.

    Can you please help us solving this issue? It would be of great help. 

    StreamingSubscriptionConnection connection = (StreamingSubscriptionConnection)sender;
                StreamingSubscription subscription = args.Subscription;
                #region CREATE UPDATE Event

                var app = from e in args.Events.OfType<ItemEvent>()
                          where e.EventType == EventType.FreeBusyChanged
                          select e.ItemId;

                subscription.Service.ImpersonatedUserId = connection.CurrentSubscriptions.Select(x => x.Service.ImpersonatedUserId).FirstOrDefault();
                var response = subscription.Service.BindToItems(app, new PropertySet(BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties));

                var items = response.Result.Select(itemResponse => itemResponse.Item);

                foreach (var item in items)
                    if (item != null)

                        Appointment appoint = (Appointment)item;

    Friday, February 7, 2020 10:40 AM