Data Source is not discovered properly. RRS feed

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  • I have designed a report with a matrix control in it.
    Then I need to assign a report data source to it.
    I almost always use Enumerable method as data source.
    I have a .dll in another project that contains all those data source and was using it happily.
    Recently, due to some bug fix and upgrade of code.
    The assembly version and assembly file version are incremented.

    In my report project, I included the reference of that data source .dll.
    When I choose menu->report->data source in VS2008, it gives me an error.
    dataSource.dll, version=, blahblahblah. cannot load file or file not found.
    That is not the correct version of .dll. So, I change my .dll assembly version to
    the assembly file version remain unchanged. Then I can get inside menu->report->data source.
    That I assume a project will find that correct version of .dll by looking at the assembly version.
    That is not a problem, I just have to synchronize their assembly version.

    The real question is that, when I have to drag my data source fields to my matrix control.
    I can't found it in the report data source window!! even after I rebuilded my project and click refresh in the data source window.
    The I tried to change my data source to another namespace, rebuild, refresh.
    The data source appears. That I can live with.

    Then here comes the strangest question of all. When I delete my matrix control. drag another matrix control to my report.
    Refresh the data source window, my data source method disappear! and also that namespace too!.
    I rebuild, change namespace, refresh, Nothing helps.
    After repeating those processes, somehow it appears again. What is going on?

    Tuesday, June 30, 2009 5:20 AM