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    I developed a lot of code in VBA Office 2003 2010.

    Now I'm refining a form for tasks in outlook. I would like to put in a button to do some action on the data displayed in the form. But I discover I'm supposed to program this in vbcript. As a confirmation to this I get an empty field to plug in some code without the usual help that I get in VBA.

    This is really unconfortable and below what I expect and spoiled as I am I just inserted a msgbox "hello world" to see if it worked.

    But what I really would like is to search for an oulook folder using a fiels in the form and open the polder using an explorer object. Can I just develop the code in VBA and cut-and paste into the form? What are the limitation of this vbscript? Or can I call a VBA function from vbscript?

    Will using VSTO allow me to program a Task form in a mor correct manner using a "real" programming anguage (

    In that case are there any lazy guides for diong this ?


    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 10:08 AM


  • Many of us use Outlook VBA code to prototype Outlook VBScript forms code as the editor and functionality of the scripting language is so limited. Mainly you need to supply constant values for any enumerations from Outlook or Office or VBA, no 'As' declarations (all VBS objects are Variants).

    If you create a COM addin you can use a "real" language such as C# or VB.NET or Delphi or C++, etc. However that's a completely different environment.

    There's information about Outlook development, custom forms, addins and even prototyping for form code in VBA at

    The ability to call VBA functions from VBScript code was removed a couple of versions ago, and it was never supported officially anyway. So don't even bother to try going down that path.

    Ken Slovak MVP - Outlook

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